Aluminium Desktop Stand/folding/4-13 inches phones&tablets+fill-in light

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        1.Folding deskphone holder, height and angle adjustable, small size,stable and flexible, suitable for mobile phones and tablets

        2.Ergonomic design, perfect angle and height, reduce shoulder and neck fatigue.

       3.120°adjustable to optimum angle.

      4.Portable and easy to carry.No-slip silicone, Anti-slip and scratch-resistant design.Charging hole is reserved

  1. High quality material, durable and stable.Wide compatible, suitable for 4-13inch phones and tablets.

Material: ABS, silicone, aluminium.
Color: pearl white, jasper
Size: 9*12.5*5.4 cm.

Expended: 9*12.5*25 cm

Packing included:

1x folding desktop phone stand